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Adding Customers to Groups With Rules and Condition Filters

You ca add customer through rules. For example, if you want a group with all customers with an Escape vehicle model. 

First of all, you want your group to include customers that had their last repair closed less than 2 years ago to keep respecting CASL.

  1. Click on Edit rules above the name of your group, on the left of your screen.
  2. Set up the rules for your group.
    • Category: Repair order closed
    • Attribute: Last time
    • Operator: Less than
    • Value: 30 days ago. Here, put in 30 days ago only for Kimoby to search through the last month's repair orders. In fact, if you are putting rules that include too many customers, Kimoby will take a long time to execute your request and it may never be processed. When all your rules to target the right group of customers will be set, then we will change the range of 30 days.
  3. Click on Add new rule.
    • Category: Customer
    • Attribute: Vehicle model
    • Operator: Contains
    • Value: Escape
  4. When all the rules to target the right group of customers are set, you can change the value 30 days ago from your first rule to 730 days or the range of days you wish to attain.