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Adding Customers to Groups Through Import

Make sure your Excel sheet is cleaned up before starting your import.

  • No empty or extra rows and columns
  • One information per cell
  • No main titles at the top of your Excel sheet, except your column titles

Import your Excel Sheet

  1. Save your Excel sheet as .CSV to assure a successful import.
  2. Click on the downward arrow to start the import.
  3. Drag and drop your Excel sheet in Import customers the box or click on browse your files to attach it from your computer files.
  4. Wait for the import to be completed.
  5. Click on Create import.

You will get an email confirmation when your import will be done.

Create your Import

If the first row of your Excel sheet contains your main titles of your columns, click on the checkbox at the top of your screen First row is the column's header. Kimoby will then use these informations as titles and not as a customer's information.

As soon as you create your import, you will be redirected in your import's page.

For all of your columns, you will need to identify and match your Excel file's information with Kimoby's attributes.

Also, if you exit before completing this step, your group will be saved as is and you will be able to continue the next steps of the import later, by clicking on the group you wish to continue.

  1. Click on the Belongs to drop-down menu, on the right of every column.
  2. Choose the category of the information of each column.
  3. You can add a category by clicking on New string, if the title of your column is not in the drop-down menu.
  4. Write the attribute's name in the box right under New string.
  5. You can skip the column in the drop-down menu by selecting Skip this column. Kimoby will then discard that information from your group.
  6. Click on Import.