What is Kimoby Pay?

Kimoby Pay allows businesses to send invoices and payments requests through text message. It's a fast, convenient and easy mobile checkout solution that simplifies your payment operations.

Kimoby is a quick and secure way to make online payments. 

You can learn more about Kimoby Pay here.

Is Kimoby Pay secure? PCI compliant? 

Kimoby Pay’s services are provided by Stripe. Stripe is audited by a PCI-certified auditor and certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1(Highest level of certification available). You can learn more about the technical details of Stripe's secure infrastructure here.

Will fraudulent payments or cards be rejected?

Kimoby provides several tools to minimize fraud losses and help businesses determine if a transaction is fraudulent. They allow Kimoby to autoreject suspicious transactions and send notifications when questionable charges are raised.

Additionally, Stripe, our service provider, works with its financial partners and credit card networks to monitor fraud globally. Here is more information on Stripe.

What do we need in order to use Kimoby Pay ?

Kimoby Pay's installation is quick to deploy and doesn’t require any initial investments. You simply have to enter your banking information to start receiving deposits. 

All your team can easily send invoices and payment requests by text message from the Kimoby platform.

When does Kimoby Pay transfer money into my account?

When a payment is processed, you will receive the full amount of the transaction within 2 business days in the United States and 7 days in Canada on a rolling basis and you will be charged the transaction fees on every payment processed, at the end of the month depending on the type of setup you have. The schedule is dependent on your country and whether your business operates in a higher-risk industry or not. Although Kimoby initiates an electronic deposit into your bank account daily, most banks deposit payouts as soon as they are received.

Where is Kimoby Pay available?

Kimoby currently supports businesses in the USA and Canada.

Once  integrated with Kimoby Pay, you can instantly accept payments from anywhere around the world.

How much does Kimoby cost?

Fees in Canada and United States are 2.9% + $0.30 per successful transaction (including credit card fees). There are no setup fees, installation fees or monthly ongoing fees. 

Are there any other fees?

With Kimoby’s simple and transparent pricing there are no hidden fees and you only get charged when you earn money. 

Unlike with other payment services, you’ll never be charged for failed transactions, stored cards, recurring payments or refunds. 

Note that if you accept payments in other currencies, Kimoby charges an additional 2% to automatically convert those funds before depositing them in your account.

How do I handle disputes?

You’ll work directly with Kimoby to handle any disputes or refund requests. However, Kimoby is by no means liable for conflicts between you and your clients concerning an amount, non-payment or any other billing-related issue(See sections 3-4 of Kimoby Pay's account agreement).

How do I keep track of all these transactions?

Your Kimoby Pay menu lets you view payments and customers, manage refunds, transfers to your account, and more. Login here.

Want to get in touch with Kimoby?

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, email support@Kimoby.com.

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